Our Weekend

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's really sad when, on Sunday night, you struggle to remember what you did on Friday night. Very sad, indeed. After consulting with Mr. Snail, I finally remembered that we went to Bar Louie for some dinner and drinks. We sat on the roof deck, which was nice, but Bar Louie overall is a little loud, and our waitress was kind of surly.

On Saturday, we went to my little cousin's birthday party, which was a ton of fun. We don't see my cousins a whole lot, but they are a lot of fun.

Then today, I had previously half signed up to run a 5-mile race with a co-worker. I hadn't registered as of this morning, and came so close to just staying home, but in the end, I went. It was pretty fun, but very hot. My goals were simple: finish, don't come in last, and try to finish around the 1 hour mark. I don't really consider myself a runner, and I had to push myself quite a bit sometimes, but in the end I met all of my goals, so I'm extremely happy!

I'm super excited for this upcoming week, mostly because Mr. Snail and I are going SCUBA diving with a friend of mine from college, and I finally get to go to the beach! I have been waiting all summer for this, so I hope the weather is nice.


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